In accordance with our vision, we believe that every company, whatever its size, has the right to access scientific knowledge and research methods in an economically sustainable way.
We therefore believe it is essential to help it grow and innovate through the retrieval of resources to invest in Research & Development projects.

We deal with subsidised finance and fiscal tutoring for innovation projects, in the form of strategic, management, financial and fiscal consultancy, using internal finance expertise, integrated where necessary with resources belonging to our network and our platform for the recruitment of researchers (Find Your Doctor).
C2T specifically offers tailor-made solutions for companies that want to take advantage of tax and financial benefits for those who invest in Research & Development. Depending on the needs and based on the active calls for funding and laws in force, we focus on the most suitable legal instrument and financial channel for the business model.
Particular attention, considering the transversal nature of the benefits and the way in which they are granted, is given to:

  • tax credit for R&D activities;
  • the new legal entity of Innovative Startup;
  • Superamortisation and Hyperamortisation;
  • Industry 4.0.

👛 Subsidised finance for innovation projects

We offer a tax auditing service for the analysis of cost centres and for the eligibility of sustained expenses in relation to specific active laws; we also provide advice on the underlying documentary and administrative processes in order to comply with legal requirements.
At the same time, we provide a series of management tools to facilitate the accounting of internal expenses and the checking of documents provided by external companies.
For financial support to innovation and technology transfer, attention is focused on all available sources:

  • EU funds;
  • state funds and laws;
  • ministerial funds;
  • Regional, Provincial and Municipal funds;
  • chambers of commerce funds.

🤖 Industry 4.0 fiscal tutoring

Consistently with its mission of all-round support, C2T has designed an ad hoc service to support and follow companies step by step in accessing the benefits related to the national Enterprise 4.0 Plan.
Internal staff and experts selected through the Find Your Doctor platform ( so with the added value of the research experience) are in charge of drawing up the required technical analysis reports and sworn appraisals attesting compliance with legal criteria.

ℹ️ What does Industry 4.0 mean?

Industry or Enterprise 4.0 is a paradigm included in the National Plan launched by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2016 with the aim of involving companies, the State, financial operators, universities and research centres, in order to encourage the push for the digitalization of factory production. The Plan is aimed precisely at the manufacturing industry and represents a great opportunity for Italian small and medium enterprises.
Those who purchase goods with specific characteristics can benefit from tax relief related to Hyperamortisation and Superamortisation (as detailed in Circular N.4/E of 30/03/2017 and Resolution N.152/E of 15/12/2017).

Innovation Check-up

The innovative operational tool designed by C2T to support businesses in accessing tax credits

From July 2015, following the issue of the executive decree no. 174, the tax credit for Research & Development activities became fully operational (effective from 1 January 2015 and extended until 31 December 2020 by the 2017 Budget Law).
C2T’s staff has defined a specific working methodology and a web tool to support the drafting of the accounting documents required to take advantage of the benefit.

With a quick check-up it is possible to:

  • assess the state of the art of the company;
  • identify the perimeter of the company’s innovation activities;
  • calculate the potential benefit that can be obtained as a tax credit;
  • determine the documental processes to be used to apply for the benefit.

The Innovation Check-up also identifies possible directions for growth, thanks to the assistance of an expert researcher in the specific business sector of the company, chosen ad hoc through Find Your Doctor.

Contact us if…

  • Your company has conducted some projects, but you are not sure you will be able to obtain the benefits available for Research & Development activities.
  • You have performed actions in a “digital factory” and “Industry 4.0” key and you need to be supported to apply for Hyperamortisation or Superamortisation.
  • You have doubts about which financial instrument is the most suitable to retrieve resources to invest in your R&D projects.
  • You want to know if there is a way for your company, even if small, to innovate in an economically sustainable way.
  • You feel the need to have a tutor to support you step by step in your innovation projects, also to manage the tax issues.
  • You have another need and want to know if we can help you.

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