Thanks to qualified appraisers, with the additional value of experience in research, we provide innovative content certifications for companies that want to have easier access to benefits for Research & Development investments.
We also follow the writing of documentation certifying the conformity to the national Enterprise 4.0 Plan of purchased goods, investments and manufactured machinery.

A sworn appraisal is generally a document drawn up by an appraiser, enrolled in a professional registry, which certifies the legitimacy of what has been reported. In particular, in the case of R&D projects, the appraiser declares that they comply with the legislative criteria for the company’s access to tax reductions.
For the selection of appraisers, we also work with Find Your Doctor (employment agency for researchers owned by C2T) in order to offer the client, as an added value to the service, the expertise of professionals with experience in research.

The R&D Sworn Appraisals service applies to two main areas:

💡 Certification of innovative content

This service is aimed at companies that have completed Research & Development projects with which they want to access tax credit facilities.
The Consortium is in charge of drawing up a complete documentation together with a technical report and sworn appraisal of the project, as well as an analysis of the costs and financial details, declaring that it complies with the legal criteria and that the client company has invested time and resources in it.
This “package” is an investment that allows the client to access the tax credit benefits more easily. In fact, in the case of in-depth checks on the project, the company can provide all the documents described above as proof of the work being done.

🤖 Industry 4.0 documents

In accordance with the current topics related to the national Enterprise 4.0 Plan, we offer an ad hoc tax tutoring service to assist companies that, by purchasing goods with certain characteristics, want to take advantage of the tax reductions available.
In addition, we also provide support to companies producing machinery or parts of machinery, so that they can obtain significant advantages for their business and marketability thanks to the certification of their products, which can be sold as suitable for the benefits available.
C2T is able to support the client in both cases, drawing up the required technical analysis reports and sworn appraisals certifying compliance with the legal criteria.

ℹ️ What does Industry 4.0 mean?

Industry or Enterprise 4.0 is a paradigm included in the National Plan launched by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2016 with the aim of involving companies, the State, financial operators, universities and research centres, in order to encourage the push for the digitalization of factory production. The Plan is aimed precisely at the manufacturing industry and represents a great opportunity for Italian small and medium enterprises.
Those who purchase goods with specific characteristics can benefit from tax relief related to Hyperamortisation and Superamortisation (as detailed in Circular N.4/E of 30/03/2017 and Resolution N.152/E of 15/12/2017).

Contacts us if…

  • Your company has conducted Research & Development projects and you want to access the tax credit benefits more confidently.
  • You are a manufacturer of machinery and have never thought that you could sell them better if you certify them as compliant with 4.0 guidelines.
  • You have purchased goods for your business or made investments and you need support in drawing up the documentation certifying their compliance with the Enterprise 4.0 Plan.
  • You have another request and want to know if we can help you.

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