An internal unit with a dual soul between research and technology, where innovation is combined with a conscious use of the most solid technologies.
Our ICT laboratory is made up of a heterogeneous and complementary team of specialized developers with more than ten years’ experience, supported by a growing group of researchers from the academic world to integrate – where necessary – consolidated methods with innovative approaches in tune with the latest technology.

The Lab creates complete and totally customized System Integration and Data Integration IT infrastructures for small and large companies, focusing mainly on the financial, environmental, industrial automation (including Industry 4.0), marketing and customer management (CRM) sectors.
In order to guarantee the use of the most innovative IT paradigms within softwares, R&D projects and consultancies, the laboratory constantly invests in ICT Research & Development and carries out direct experimentation in strategic areas for the Consortium, with particular attention to industrial applications.

The co-existence in the laboratory of experienced developers and researchers working side by side allows C2T to offer its clients a wide range of IT, technological and scientific skills.
The ICT Lab team has in fact demonstrated experience in the development of:

    Web & mobile applications


    Search engines

    Relational and non-relational databases

    Systems to manage inaccurate information

    Smart portals

    The Lab also has strong expertise:

    • in the normalization, analysis and extraction of structured and unstructured information from data and texts (Information Retrieval);
    • in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, genetic/evolutionary algorithms, Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence..

    Technologies we work with

    Contact us if…

    • You need to collect, organise and analyse data and information (data analysis, CMS, CRM, e-commerce, predictive systems…).
    • You need to reorganize the warehouse, the production, the management of information inside your company in a “digital factory” and “Industry 4.0” key.
    • You need to extract information automatically from unstructured sources, for example written texts (information retrieval, machine learning).
    • You need to be able to search through information efficiently (smart portals, search engines).
    • You are looking for specific IT and operational advice in the financial or environmental field.
    • You have another topic in mind and want to know if we can help you.

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