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Find Your Doctor, an innovative startup owned by C2T, is the first employment agency in Italy specialized in profiles with experience in research: an agile and flexible recruitment service to identify specialized consultants or highly educated professionals to be included in your staff, suitable for management, R&D, analysis and responsibility roles.
With this tool, C2T can reach qualified specialists in the most diverse fields.

Find Your Doctor is the tool developed by C2T to match the world of research and business.
It operates through a dedicated web platform, operational (in beta stage) since November 2014 and progressively under construction, which counts thousands of registered researchers interested in a professional transition to business.
The website is managed by a team that includes staff with both research and business experience, able to understand both business needs and academic experience.

💭 How Find Your Doctor was born

One of the goals of the Consortium is to promote the stable employment of PhDs in the business world, in particular SMEs.
Previously, C2T had already started several collaborations with researchers working in universities, who have been able to provide solutions and answers to companies associated with the Consortium.
In the context of the experience gained with the collaboration between small companies and university centres, C2T has decided to direct its activity towards a more concrete and effective transfer of knowledge, creating an ad hoc tool that would make it possible to take advantage of the experience and professionalism of PhDs seeking opportunities outside the university.

🧩 What Find Your Doctor offers

In concrete terms, Find Your Doctor – authorised at ministerial level for personnel research and selection activities – offers services in the human resources field, specific for professional profiles with research experience (with particular attention to PhD holders).
The aim is to provide companies, even those who are less familiar with the professional profile of researchers, with the chance to evaluate in an efficient and easy way the skills, attitudes and added value that these profiles can bring in a business context, not only in technical and R&D positions, but also as analysts, managers, technical salesmen, trainers…

These are the services that Find Your Doctor offers:

📚 DocEdu

Offer your personnel cutting-edge training courses on a wide range of topics, thanks to trainers with academic backgrounds of the highest specialization.

📣 ADoc

Let us spread your job ad to the community of those with research experience and who wish to spend it in companies.

💡 Doc Desk

Ask us for a tailored consultancy, provided by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, for a problem to solve or for the analysis of innovation ideas.

⚙️ R&Doc

Find human resources, selected ad hoc and then staffed by C2T, for your complex R&D project.

ℹ️ What is a PhD?

The acronym PhD stands for Philosophiae Doctor, a traditional name that applies to PhDs in any discipline.
The PhD is the highest academic qualification and is awarded on the basis of the results of a research project typically lasting three or four years, supervised by an experienced researcher.
During the course of the project, the candidates are required to demonstrate through work and research that they are suitable to carry out research activities on a professional level.
After obtaining a PhD, the former candidate is a regular member of the academic community as a junior researcher.

Contact us if…

  • You are attracted by the idea of being able to bring the cutting-edge knowledge of researchers to your company, even the most niche one, through highly specialised and personalised courses ranging from technical to humanistic fields.
  • You are looking for proactive, problem-solving oriented, young professionals to join your team.
  • You would like to hire employees who learn quickly what you need, but who also know how to take you outside the box.
  • You are interested in the role of researcher, but you do not know what it can bring to your company compared to a graduate.
  • You need someone to help your company approach problems and projects in a methodical way.
  • You are looking for staff for your R&D area, or to give your technical department a more R&D-oriented approach.
  • You want to improve your company’s organisation, information flow, human resources management or corporate communication.
  • You need specialized consultants to solve a specific problem, deepen an unrealized idea or finalize an innovation project.
  • You have another requirement and want to know if we can help you.

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