The national Enterprise 4.0 Plan is a unique opportunity for all companies that want to seize the opportunities linked to the fourth industrial revolution.
C2T offers complete solutions for the automated and interconnected production needs of SMEs, also supporting them in obtaining the tax benefits reserved for companies that have decided to invest by exploiting the digital connection and integration paradigm.

Factories are increasingly digital and interconnected, they dialogue with each other and carry out self-diagnostics and preventive and partly predictive maintenance: the fourth industrial revolution has started some time ago in Italy too.
Industry 4.0 is vital for the manufacturing companies of the future. They will not only have to worry about producing with high quality standards, but will have to increase their production efficiency by controlling and organizing what they produce in the best possible way, and by making machines, people and materials interact to improve industrial processes and make the most of the flow of information produced.

A future-oriented manufacturing SME cannot avoid change.

And with the help of C2T no company is too small to manage this investment,

also thanks to very profitable public incentives.

C2T is one of the very few companies in Italy certified as an Industry 4.0 Technology Transfer Centre by Unioncamere (Union of Chambers) according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Economic Development, after a careful and strict documental analysis.
Thanks to this recognition, which objectively certifies the possession of in-house specialist skills, our clients have greater opportunities to access Chamber grants and non-refundable grants for training and consultancy projects in the 4.0 field.

Your smart, interconnected factory

C2T supports your company, whatever its size, to implement the new technologies expressed by the national Enterprise 4.0 Plan, offering you complete solutions for the digitalized management of administration, logistics, production, data collection and analysis.

Imagine an integrated production management in real time that makes your factory “transparent”:


Get alerts

in case of production drifts.


Constantly monitor

process variations (machine stops, errors, etc.).

Use a visual dashboard

that enhances the collection of data, providing management with instant information on production trends (order progress, machine status, material placement, performance, etc.).

Advantages for your company


Extreme reduction of paper supports, thanks to the digitalization of data and processes.


Higher product quality, thanks to detection of errors by the sensors and correction in real time.


Production flexibility, being able to produce a greater variety of products on the same plant even in small quantities.


Strategic data management, thanks to a digital system that produces, collects and analyses data in order to obtain real-time information on processes and products.


Reduction in waste, downtime, manual repetitions, breakdowns, machine stops, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.


Optimisation of resources (both human and technological) and reduction of process times and production costs.


Greater commercial advantages and competitiveness, thanks to fast execution and new customization capabilities.

Tax benefits of the Plan

Companies investing in Industry 4.0 and digitalization are eligible for the tax benefits provided for by the new Stability Law, i.e. the 2019 Budget Law, including, first of all, the Hyperamortization reserved for Industry 4.0, with staggered rates (which SMEs can cumulate with Sabatini ter Law and other grants).

The current modulation of the expected benefit from hyperamortisation is as follows:

  • 170% for investments up to 2.5 million euros;
  • 100% for investments over 2.5 million euros and up to 10 million euros;
  • 50% for investments over 10 million euros and up to 20 million euros.

No surcharge, on the other hand, is applied for investments over 20 million euros.

Related to this action, there is the extension of the benefit provided for intangible assets functional to technological transformation according to the Plan, at the rate of 40%.

There is also the 4.0 training bonus to increase and adapt staff skills to the challenges of digital change.

In addition, these actions include patent box and R&D tax credits that facilitate research and development in its various stages.

Finally, with the establishment of PIDs (digital enterprise point) at the various territorial Chambers of Commerce and Industry, ad hoc grants in the form of non-repayable vouchers have been allocated to further stimulate investments related to the I4.0 system.

Why rely on C2T? Our key strengths

As the Consortium is a technology transfer centre and a Research Organisation, we are able to provide your company with everything it needs to enter the fourth industrial revolution:


Technical-scientific team

To provide the engineering and IT skills necessary for the interconnection of the machines according to the regulations, even in the case of technical limitations due to age or construction characteristics, and the implementation of software systems.


Pool of experts with high academic education

To produce the complex documentation required by the regulations to access the tax credit (technical report and Sworn Appraisal).


Specialised financial department

To provide comprehensive specialist support on tax matters to obtain the expected benefits.


4.0 Human capital

To manage within the company the new technologies adopted, through the recruitment of new people with the necessary skills or with the internal training of existing resources (in partnership with Find Your Doctor).

TECHNOLOGICAL NEUTRALITY: the strategic approach of C2T

Unlike many other businesses that focus on serial delivery of a certain type of technology linked to a specific field, C2T stands out because it brings together ad hoc selected teams and dedicated methodologies, with the added value of the scientific approach.
We exude, by our strategic nature, from individual sectors, individual technologies and individual territories, while we consider for each specific case all that can be useful and functional to achieve the objective, without preconceptions and according to a principle of open, collaborative and transversal innovation.

Contact us if…


  • You are worried that your company is too small to innovate in a 4.0 key and that the investment required is excessive.
  • You have machines that have technical features that may not be suitable for interconnection, but you would like to know if you can still find a way to make them “smart”.
  • Your company is creative and technically and commercially capable, but it needs to be more efficient, reduce production costs and waste and manage the production cycle flexibly.
  • You are looking for support for the connection of your machinery and installation of sensors, and more generally to activate advanced manufacturing in an integrated environment that independently exchanges data and triggers autonomous process control mechanisms.
  • You would like to introduce an intelligent and collaborative system that connects your company with the outside world (employees, agents, customers, suppliers, logistics, sales, storage, shipping…).
  • You like the idea of obtaining data and information from all the components of your company through “dashboard” reports to detect weaknesses and strengths, with the possibility of integrating external data sources.
  • You didn’t know that a small company can also be aggregated with others to invest together in 4.0 technologies with a large shared innovation project.
  • You need to hire staff with specialist skills in Industry 4.0 or you need to train the existing one.

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