We support your drive for innovation!

Do you have a research project or an innovative idea but don’t know how to develop it?

Explore the services of the C2T Consortium: we foster and encourage innovation in companies of all sizes.

Problem Solving & R&D Projects

Do you need to evaluate the scientific underlying of innovative cues and unrealized ideas?
Do you want support in analyzing a problem that you can’t solve?
Do you want to direct your investments in Research & Development with awareness?
Do you need to aggregate the skills you lack to carry out your R&D project?
Do you need to complete your network for calls for proposals or networked projects?

IT Development (ICT Lab)

Do you need to collect, organize and analyze data and information?
Do you need to reorganize your company’s internal information management in a “digital factory” and Industry 4.0 key?
Do you need to automatically extract information from unstructured sources?
Do you need to be able to search through information efficiently?
Are you looking for IT consultancy in the financial or environmental field?

R&D Sworn Appraisals

Has your company carried out Research & Development projects and do you want to access the tax credit more easily?
Are you a manufacturer of machinery and you have never thought that you could sell them better by certifying them as Industry 4.0 products?
Have you purchased goods or made investments and need support for the documentation of compliance with the Industry 4.0 program?

Tax Support & Calls for Funding

Has your company carried out projects, but you are not sure if you can get the financial benefits available for R&D activities?
Have you carried out actions in Industry 4.0 key and you want help to request the tax advantages?
Do you want to know if there is a way for your company, even if it is small, to innovate in an economically sustainable way?
Do you feel the need to have a tutor to support you step by step in your innovation projects, also to manage the tax aspects?

Human Resources for Innovation

Would you like to hire employees who learn what you need quickly, but who also know how to get you out of the box?
Are you interested in the figure of the researcher, but it’s not clear to you what it can bring to your business compared to a graduate?
Are you looking for staff for your R&D area, or to give a more R&D-oriented slant to your technical department?
Do you need specialized consultants to solve a specific problem?


The Consortium for Technology Transfer C2T is a non-profit organization of small and medium-sized enterprises, founded in Italy in 2012, with the purpose of promoting innovation and R&D in companies of all sizes.
We are a team of people bridging research and entrepreneurship, to stimulate innovation and foster the skills of researchers for the benefit of businesses and society as a whole.

We rely on an open, collaborative and accessible model of innovation.


Find Your Doctor

Innovative startup owned by C2T, it is the first job agency in Italy specializing in profiles with experience in research.

Diverse team

An internal staff with multidisciplinary scientific, technical and entrepreneurial experience and skills.

R&D network

A network of measurement and analysis laboratories, professional studios, startups and consultants specialized in specific areas of Research & Development.

Finance unit

A financial department specializing in the collection of economic resources for innovation projects.

IT laboratory

A team of ICT developers and researchers to integrate the IT component, often an essential ingredient of R&D activities.

Non-profit mark

A corporate structure that shapes up C2T to be a non-profit Consortium.

Want to know what C2T could do for your business?





A team of Innovation Managers and a network of skills are available to evaluate the scientific underlying of innovative cues and unrealized ideas, analyze a problem that you can not solve, consciously direct investments in R&D or complete your team on a project, in the scientific and technical areas, but also in the fields of economics, humanities, social and organizational sciences.


An internal unit with a two-faced soul, between research and technique, specialized in System Integration and Data Integration for small and large companies, where innovation is combined with a conscious use of the most consolidated technologies thanks to a heterogeneous and complementary team of developers with more than ten years of experience, supported by a growing group of researchers from the academic world.



Certifications of Research & Development projects for compliance with the legislative criteria for access to tax reliefs and benefits, by sworn experts with a high academic background.


Tools and methods to access scientific knowledge and innovate in an economically sustainable way, through the collection of resources to be invested in R&D.


A fast and flexible recruiting service, specialized in professional profiles with research experience, suitable for roles of management, R&D, analysis and responsibility.


The C2T Consortium is an Industry 4.0 Technology Transfer Centre certified by Unioncamere, one of the few in Italy, based on criteria defined by the Ministry of Economic Development.

It is a non-profit Research Organisation within the meaning of the characteristics regulated by the Community Framework for State aid for Research and Development and Innovation.

It is registered at the National Registry Office of Researches Arianna by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

It is admitted to QuESTIO (Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity), the mapping system for research, technology transfer and innovation support services of the Lombardy Region.

When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.

Chinese proverb

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