The encounter between the business world and the world of research can give rise not only to new ideas and solutions to problems, but also to questions, perspectives and unexpected possibilities.

Direct access to scientific knowledge and its repositories, the networking of elements and actors necessary for an open and participatory innovation can foster the continuous innovation of companies of all sizes, increasing their chances of growth and helping them to strengthen their competitiveness.

Find out how



The main purpose of the Consortium is to encourage the development of Research & Development projects in companies (consortium members or not) of all sizes, including small and micro ones, while supporting researchers who want to spend their expertise (also) outside the academic world.

The services we offer are built in response to the three main needs that companies have when they want to develop their innovation ideas:







C2T considers the paradigm of open innovation as the only one able to guarantee openness, collaborative approach and continuous research.


Our model is based on networking and direct relationships between people, considering researchers as the main “output” of the academia, from the point of view of both scientific content and network of relationships.
What we want to do is to pursue an open innovation system based on cutting-edge technical components, on human interaction with web-stimulated contacts and on the rejection of any speculation for profit.

The model offered is guaranteed by the following elements:

Find Your Doctor, an innovative startup owned by C2T and the first employment agency in Italy specialized in profiles with experience in research, on whose web platform the implementation of advanced Machine Learning techniques is also planned in the near future;

an internal staff based on permanent professional relationships and with complementary experience at both technical-scientific and entrepreneurial level;

a growing network of measurement and analysis laboratories, professional studios, startups and consultants specialising in specific areas of Research & Development;

an in-house financial division, specialised in the acquisition of economic resources for innovation projects, with a focus on subsidised finance instruments;

an internal team of ICT developers and researchers to integrate the IT component, often an essential ingredient of R&D activities;

a corporate structure that configures us as a non-profit Consortium and which necessarily leads to the reinvestment of profit.

Why we do it

Our vision


We believe

that every company, of whatever size, has the right to directly access scientific knowledge and its custodians, in an economically sustainable way.


We consider

that in order to foster the continuous innovation of SMEs, increasing their probability of survival and presence on international markets, it is necessary to create a stimulating environment for Italian researchers and an attractive one for foreign researchers, and to develop an open and collaborative ecosystem.


We want

to overcome territorial and disciplinary barriers that sometimes do not allow companies to access an open and participatory innovation.


We aspire

to act as a bridge and harmonizer between the world of research, mainly public, and the entrepreneurial environment, mainly private and family-run, while increasing scientific culture in the corporate world.


We think

that the encounter between the business world and the world of research can take the form of a journey to be taken together, which leads both to a vision of knowledge that is not passively anchored to the well-known.

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