Find Your Doctor is the tool created by C2T to match the research and business worlds.


It operates through a dedicated website, operating since November 2014 and in progressive construction, which has hundreds of registered researchers.
The portal is run by a team of recruiters, including personnel with experience in research, as well as in entrepreneurship, able to understand both the needs of companies and the academic experience.

Through Find Your Doctor, C2T provides:

🔍 Job matching services

For extended collaborations in research, but also for analysis, coordination and responsibility roles.

💡 Consulting services for innovation

For targeted short-term collaborations to deepen a specific problem, to identify solutions or to outline the possible paths to be taken to achieve the objectives.
The service, in the technology field (scouting), was tested in 2015 on some companies in the Lecco area. The success of this trial brought, together with Api Lecco (local SME association), to the birth of a dedicated innovative startup called ApiTech.

🖥️ Online services

To facilitate the access of companies and organizations to the database of researchers registered to Find Your Doctor, with the ability to communicate directly with them to propose challenges, request advice or offer job opportunities.