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C2T, a bridge between Research and Enterprises

The Consortium for Technology Transfer C2T was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing support to companies in the development of R&D projects.


The C2T Consortium goal is to foster innovation in companies of all sizes, including small and micro, supporting researchers who want to spend their knowledge (also) outside Academia.

In fact, our services are built considering the three main difficulties that small businesses face in developing innovative business ideas:






Over the time, C2T initiated several collaborations with researchers working in universities, who were able to provide solutions and interesting answers to companies related to the Consortium.
Considering the gained experience with the cooperation between small enterprises and universities, C2T decided to focus its activities towards a more practical and effective transfer of knowledge. Therefore, we created an ad hoc tool called Find Your Doctor, which would allow using the experience and proficiency of PhDs.

The aim of Find Your Doctor is in fact to provide companies – even those who are less familiar with researchers – with the chance of efficiently evaluate the skills and abilities of young people from all over the world with research experiences (PhDs) and interested in enterprises.
Since this is an ambitious goal, C2T has also already started to establish partnerships with other no-profit institutions with similar goals, in the belief that companies and researchers could greatly benefit from the success of the project.

Why we do it

Our vision


  • We believe

    that every business, of any size, has the right to directly access scientific knowledge and its depositaries, in an economically sustainable way.

  • We want

    to overcome the territorial and disciplinary barriers that sometimes do not allow companies to access an open, participatory, anti-elitist innovation.

  • We think

    that the meeting between the business and the research worlds can bring not only new ideas and solutions to problems, but also questions, perspectives, unexpected possibilities. A journey to cover together, so that they can both reach a constructionist vision of knowledge, not passively anchored to the well-known.

  • We consider

    that to promote the continuous innovation of SMEs, increasing their chances of survival and presence in international markets, it is necessary to create a stimulating and attractive environment for Italian and foreign researchers, and develop an open and collaborative ecosystem.

  • We aspire

    to act as a harmonizer and a bridge between the world of research, mainly public, and the entrepreneurial environment, primarily private and family-owned, while increasing scientific culture in the corporate world.

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