C2T, customized services only

To support and encourage innovation from all kind and size companies, C2T offers a wide range of services, available in different forms based on of the actual needs and possibilities of our customers.

The formula used by C2T allows to:


⚖️ Save time and money

Using the resources and benefits planned for who wants to invest in research.

👁‍🗨 Mature an overview of the problems

Thanks to a team with experience in both research and enterprise.

🎓 Have access to cutting-edge solutions

Using innovative tools created ad hoc (eg. Find Your Doctor)



A quick and flexible recruitment service, specialized in high-level professional profiles with research experience, suited to management, R&D, analysis and responsibility roles.


A consultancy package at a fixed amount of time and money, allowing you to get the help of a team of researchers on a specific problem, a technical, scientific or innovation one.


Complete solutions of system integration, research projects in ICT and support to SMEs for the design and construction of turnkey or outsourced projects.


A constant and personalized support, with specific ad hoc stipulated agreements, which guarantee repeated requests for intervention at fixed cost.


An analysis of cost centres and of the eligibility of incurred expenses with respect to the specific active laws, accompanied by an advice about documentary and administrative processes.


A thorough evaluation to determine a company’s technological state of the art and quantify the potential relief obtainable in form of tax credit.

C2T considers the open innovation paradigm as the only one able to guarantee openness, collaborative approach and continuous research.


Specifically, our model is based on network development and direct connection between people, considering researchers the main “output” of Academia, from the point of view of both technical-scientific content and relationship network.

What we want to do is to pursue an open innovation system based on cutting-edge technical components, the human interaction with contacts stimulated by the web, and the rejection of every speculation for profit.

The model offered is guaranteed by the following elements:

  • a web portal to facilitate the matching between enterprise needs and skills of researchers, on which is scheduled soon the implementation of advanced machine learning techniques;
  • an internal staff based on permanent positions and with complementary experiences at both scientific and entrepreneurial level, seeing what they do as a mission and not as a mere job outlet;
  • a corporate structure that configures us as a non-profit Consortium and leads necessarily to reinvest profits.


In order to support companies along the innovation path, we use three important tools:


The first job matching service between researchers and enterprises.


The companies that are part of the Consortium.


The C2T collaboration and partnership network.

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