C2T companies

A three Consortia network

The ability to network becomes the keystone to success, in order to overcome the challenges that innovation requires.
C2T has thus collected under its aegis three separate Consortia (EVAN, EHT and TAGES), focusing on decentralization and complementarity of skills as distinctive feature.

Visit our Consortia websites and discover how our expertise can be useful for your business.


Companies participating in the Consortium C2T are grouped themselves in three Consortia, born before C2T, with targets that now represent subsets of their activities.

EVAN Consortium

It provides information and promotion services aimed to no profit internationalization.
It is not only for the member companies, but more generally it addresses to all the Lombard SMEs wishing to expand abroad.

EHT Consortium

Its purpose is the realization and the supply of services for internationalization.
It is not only for the member companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the information technology, telecommunications and quality certification.

TAGES Consortium

It is a buying group for companies that deal with technology and IT.
The Consortium’s primary goal is to offer member companies easier access to services and materials at lower costs, thanks to greater purchasing power.

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