One of the Consortium’s goals is to promote for PhDs a fix employment in the business world, especially SMEs.


In fact, we offer to companies a quick recruitment service, flexible and specialized in professional profiles with research experience.
These profiles, with high added value and not easy evaluation for those who are not familiar with the academic world, are usually suited for management, analysis and responsibility roles, as well as for R&D positions.

In order to promote the job matching between research and industry, we are moving in the following three directions:

  • Find Your Doctor, a matching portal between perspectives/backgrounds of researchers and goals/needs of companies;
  • a research project regarding the extractions of researchers skills, in order to make them more explicit and understandable to companies;
  • support in the analysis phase of business needs, through an assessment process of the company needs and of the characteristics needed for the required profile in case of researcher, analyst, developer or technician positions.

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