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A service of listening, research and preliminary analysis on a specific problem, a technical, scientific or innovation one.


With a package of fixed amount of time and money, the Doc Desk allows the entrepreneur to get the help of a specifically selected researcher team, to evaluate with them ideas and possible solution approaches in order to start wisely innovation and development projects.

Basically, the Doc Desk requires different steps:


From the company side

  • First contact and request
  • Initial meeting with the C2T contact person
  • Meeting with researchers
  • Data/information exchange
  • Developing phase


From the Consortium side

  • Analysis of request
  • Researchers screening
  • Data/information exchange
  • Final report
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  • The company sends us a request and tell us about the problem;
  • C2T organizes a meeting at the company headquarter within 10 working days upon request, and anyway considering the schedule of the applicant company. The meeting consists in a preliminary assessment of the problem and of the most appropriate skills to deal with it;
  • Once skills and profiles are set, C2T searches for a researchers’ team (from 1 to 3 people) for the company. This is done within 15 working days from the meeting and candidates are selected from our database and network;
  • Afterwards, we organize a second meeting at the company headquarter with the C2T contact person, the researchers’ team and the company’s contact person. The meeting is set up within 10 working days from the recruitment phase and considering the company schedule, it usually lasts a few hours in order to explain to the researchers the problem into details;
  • After the meeting, within 3 working days, the C2T contact person forwards to the company any further questions coming from the researchers and any requests of technical material useful for the issue analysis;
  • Once the team has all the required information, they perform their analysis and write a final report with their own solutions or suggestions to the problem. The report will be produced within 15 working days and, upon check from the C2T contact person, will be given to the company. The company will then evaluate the report and decide how to proceed with the suggestions given by the team, eventually requiring a second analysis phase or a developmental one.

The technological scouting activity done during the Doc Desk can be summarized in this way:

  • STEP 1 | Analysis of the company request, first contact with the customer and acquisition of the problem.
  • STEP 2 | Screening and selection of the researchers team, suitable to solve the problem.
  • STEP 3 | Meeting of the team, the C2T contact person and the entrepreneur at the company headquarters.
  • STEP 4 | Deepening of the single issues, coordination between researchers and company and distribution of assets among the team members.
  • STEP 5 | Final validation of the scouting process and report production.

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How the Desk service works via the Find Your Doctor tool

C2T and the team of researchers are then willing to personally follow the company, both in the possible continuation of the scouting phase, if required, and in the development and implementation of solutions.

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