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Do you have a research project or an innovative idea, but you do not know how to develop it?
Check the C2T service: we promote and encourage innovation in companies of every size.

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C2T aims to support the innovation boost of companies, promoting the knowledge spread between research and market worlds.
Through its activity, the Consortium aims to bridge the offer gap and research demand, which is often present in SMEs. In this case, technological innovation processes as well as scientific promotional ones will be faster within companies.

C2T for researchers

Find Your Doctor, the first job matching service for PhDs!

One of C2T goals is to provide a solution to the transition problem from Academia to companies, which affects young researchers.
In order to do so, the Consortium created Find Your Doctor, an international placing service exclusively dedicated to PhDs.


C2T is a no-profit small enterprises consortium, born in 2012 with the aim of promoting collaborations between research and business world.
We offer support for companies of any size, consortium or not, for projects development in the R&D field and innovative solutions to overcome the innovation challenge.

Our formula is based on three winning ingredients:

A complementary team

With both business and research experience

Find Your Doctor

Job Matching for researchers

Tax benefits

For research investors


The C2T Consortium is subscribed to the National Registry of Research Arianna, credited by MIUR (Italian University and Research Ministry).

Thanks to its activities, C2T is also been accepted by QuESTIO (Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity), a mapping and accreditation tool implemented by the Lombardy Region for opportunities in the field of innovation, R&D and technology transfer.
The regional portal for research and innovation allows the QuESTIO members to play a substantial role in the new regional investment policies on research, innovation and technology transfer.


As in a high-fashion atelier, we create tailored actions considering the actual needs and possibilities of our customers.
Choose the best-suited service for you!


A quick and flexible recruitment service, specialized in high-level professional profiles with research experience, suited to management, R&D, analysis and responsibility roles.


A consultancy package at a fixed amount of time and money, allowing you to get the help of a team of researchers on a specific problem, a technical, scientific or innovation one.


Complete solutions of system integration, research projects in ICT and support to SMEs for the design and construction of turnkey or outsourced projects.


A constant and personalized support, with specific ad hoc stipulated agreements, which guarantee repeated requests for intervention at fixed cost.


An analysis of cost centres and of the eligibility of incurred expenses with respect to the specific active laws, accompanied by an advice about documentary and administrative processes.


A thorough evaluation to determine a company’s technological state of the art and quantify the potential relief obtainable in form of tax credit.

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